Quick Start

Quick Start

Here's all you need to know to start using Accounts in about 30 seconds ...

Create a New File

From the File Menu select "New...". Or, from the startup window choose "Create New File...".

Welcome Window

Add a Transaction

Click the transaction icon (the blue pencil) in the toolbar. The "Transaction Entry" window will open.

Here you can enter "Receipts & Sales", "Payments & Purchases" and "General Journal" transactions.

Customizing Accounts

You can create new asset, liability, equity, revenue and expense accounts as you need them. There's no need to create any new accounts before you enter your first transaction. Each Accounts file contains a default set of accounts that you can customize at any time.

More Help ...

The following section "How to Use Accounts" explains the above steps and others in further detail.

Last Update - 1 August 2005

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