Welcome to Accounts

Welcome to Accounts

Accounts is a personal finance and small business accounting solution for Mac OS X.

You can keep track of your personal or business finances quickly and easily with Accounts.


Accounts lets you record your personal finance or business transactions, including receipts, payments and banking information on a daily basis or whenever you have time. Accounts automatically prepares your finanical reports, saving you time, and giving you control over your money by letting you know exactly how your finances are performing at any time.

How to Buy Accounts

You can buy an Accounts license from the Nano Store or by selecting "Buy Accounts..." from the Accounts Help menu.

We accept all major credit cards and use Kagi to process your secure online purchase. You will receive a personalised license code within 24 hours. To enter your code select "Preferences" from the Accounts Menu and click on the "License" icon in the Preference Window toolbar. Enter your license name and code in the appropriate fields exactly as they appear in your license e-mail. Please note license details are case sensitive.

Using Help

You can access Accounts Help from the Help Menu within Accounts.  Further tips are available by placing your cursor over buttons, fields and other interface objects within Accounts.


If you have any questions, suggestions or need something explained that is not covered by the help documentation please contact us.  You can contact us by selecting “Send Feedback...” from the Accounts Help menu or by sending an email to support@nano.com.au.

Statutory Requirements

Accounting for taxes and other employee details is complex, so be sure to understand the governmental reporting requirements for your tax jurisdiction.  Accounts allows you to record information about personal and home finances, and small businesses such as sole traders and partnerships.  Businesses may be required to keep additional records to meet statutory reporting obligations.

Data Safety and Integrity

Accounts is continually under development and is provided without any guarantees or warranties as to its fitness for purpose or functionality apart from those required under the relevant laws in your jurisdiction.  This means that the program may contain bugs which have not been identified.  If any issues affecting data integrity are found they will be posted at http://www.nano.com.au.  Please ensure that you backup your Accounts data regularly (we recommend at least weekly).  You may decide to backup your data more or less often depending on how much information you are prepared to risk.

Always backup your data before starting a new year.

Last Update - 1 August 2005

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