13 July 2021

Nano takes aim at Australian mortgage industry with the INACTION FIGURE

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79% of Australians said they had a bad home loan experience. Just how bad is it?

We look at how Australian’s feel about the traditional mortgage process and why it’s time to upgrade your home loan with Nano.

2 weeks ago

70% of Australians are disgruntled by the home loan process

Our CEO, Andrew Walker, spoke to 7 News on how we’re finally bringing the mortgage industry into the modern era with a home loan that is simple, fast and fair.

2 weeks ago

What’s new with Nano

On the 29th June 2020 Nano officially launched to the public, so everyone can now apply to refinance and save on their home loan. We also launched our new website and released a number of new features in the Nano app.

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Nano launches dirt cheap loans available in less than 10 minutes

Non-bank lender Nano will launch today with a promise to approve home loans charging a rock bottom 1.99% in less time than it takes to order an Uber.

EDUCATION 1 month ago

6 Costly Home Loan Mistakes That Are Holding You Back

Your home is your castle, and your home loan is probably one of the biggest single investments you’ll ever make. Whether you’re a first time buyer or refinancing you want to make sure you get it right.

EDUCATION 1 month ago

Home Loans: Should You Choose a Traditional Lender or Digital Lender?

For a long time, the mortgage market in Australia has been dominated by the Big 4 Banks. If you wanted a home loan, you usually went with one of these, but things are changing and it’s great for customers.

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Banks beware: Fast, cheap loans set to disrupt $1.9 trillion mortgage market

When you think about businesses that are most exposed to digital disruption, industries like taxis, retail or, ahem, newspapers are probably what spring to mind.

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CBA stakes out its Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) territory

The challenge for incumbent banks is the emergence of new monoline technology (Nano) plus viral platforms (Afterpay) that fundamentally change the unit economics, returns, UX and nature of banking.

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Home loan, mortgage terms to know to avoid extra costs

More than half of Victorians are disgruntled by the mortgage industry and frustrated by difficult jargon and hidden fees. Here’s everything you need to know as you navigate the way.

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Instant home loan approval – are you eligible?

While other lenders struggle with long turnaround times and clunky approval processes, fintech Nano has launched a new home loan where loan approval is granted on the spot.

EDUCATION 3 months ago

Digital home lending is not the future. It’s already here.

Westpac announced plans to make the mortgage process “as automated as possible” by 2024. Fully automated digital home lending is not the “future” of the mortgage sector.

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Nano promises faster mobile home loans, with payment features on top

Fintech lender Nano is the latest challenger planning to speed up this process, with a home loan application that can process a home loan entirely digitally.

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Fintech lender unveils its rebrand

Australian fintech Verteva has announced it is rebranding to Nano, a transition that comes hot on the heels of the group completing its first home loan approval through a mobile phone platform.

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Digital lender rebrands, writes first loan

Digital home loan provider Verteva has announced that it has rebranded to Nano and has refinanced its first home loan to test the capability of the platform, approved entirely via the mobile phone.

Media Release 9 months ago

Verteva rebrands to Nano as it prepares to shake up mortgage industry

Australian fintech Verteva today announced it has rebranded to Nano and written its very first home loan via mobile, as it prepares to disrupt the mortgage industry.

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Fintech flips mortgage industry on its head with digital home loan platform

Australian fintech Verteva today announced it has rebranded to Nano and written its very first home loan via mobile, as it prepares to disrupt the mortgage industry.

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Fintech startup Verteva secures $33M Series A raise amid COVID-19

Financial technology startup and home loan disruptor, Nano (formerly Verveta) has secured a AUD$33m Series A capital raise which has been funded entirely by New Zealand’s Bolton Equities.

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Ex-Westpac execs raise $33m for home loan fintech

Two former Westpac executives have unveiled a fintech competitor to established mortgage providers, with a bumper $33 million first funding round.

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Pouring kerosene on the fire: Fintech Verteva raises $33 million to turn the mortgage industry on its head

Sydney-based fintech Verteva has secured $33 million in Series A funding, as it gears up to launch its digitised home loan solution and disrupt the “laggard” financial services industry.