How my decision to refinance changed my life – Pollyanna Strauss

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Pollyanna Strauss, a 33-year-old events organiser based in Cairns (also known as Polly) says she made one of the best decisions when she decided to refinance with Nano digital home loans.

“When I got the call from Nano telling me I’d won my home loan interest free I had shivers down my arm. Winning something like this is life changing.”

On the 1 September, Polly was drawn as the first winner of Nano’s ‘Win your home loan interest free’ promotion. Polly is set to save up to $89,000 over the life of her loan. This is in addition to the $39,000 she saved in interest by refinancing.*

Refinancing with Nano

Two years ago, Polly and her partner had moved up to Cairns from Sydney to afford to buy her first home.

Like many working from home due to the pandemic, Polly decided it was time to refinance. However after struggling to find the time to deal with the lengthy process of traditional lenders, it was one of those things that sat in the ‘too hard basket’ for months.

“I tried refinancing with another lender earlier in the year, but after several calls and a trip to the post office, it all got too hard. It was taking weeks, and with my busy work schedule, I decided to just call it off.”

After coming across an online article about how digital lenders are challenging the traditional lenders, Polly searched online and came across Nano’s website.

“With Nano, I was blown away with how easy the process was. It took about half an hour to get everything submitted. It was really seamless.”

“The app is really simple and easy to use, and I’ve already started making the most of using the offset sub-account.”

“Before even winning the competition, I was telling all my friends to refinance with Nano. It’s so fast and easy, I can’t imagine doing it any other way.”

You too, could win! Save up to $1.1 Million^

After winning her home loan interest free Polly said she is set up for the future.

“This will really help take a lot of the pressure off repaying my loan. It means I can also start saving for a holiday for when travel is allowed again.”

The spirit of this competition ties back to Nano’s mission to help rid the industry of unfair costs and flip the system to be fairer for customers. With Nano’s technology and data capabilities, we strongly believe we can make a difference and bring an end to financial unfairness.

With up to 2 more prizes to be drawn, there is still a chance for you to win and save up to $1.1 million on your home loan. All you need to do is refinance before the 29 October to be in the draw to win. The final draw will be on 10 November.

To find out how much you could save with Nano, see our refinance calculator.

If you’ve already got a Nano home loan, you can refer friends to join Nano and double your chances to win, because in the spirit of fairness, if you refer them and they win, you will too. Refer friends.


* Based on the information that was provided about her previous lender

^ Terms & Conditions apply. Limit of one (1) entry per settled home loan. Permits: NSW TP/00650, ACT TP20/01874 and SA T20/1652. The calculation is based on an Investor Interest Only loan value of $2,500,500 over a 30 year loan term, with a 2.59% p.a. Interest only rate for first 5 years, rolling onto a 2.29% p.a. Principal and Interest rate for the remaining term of 25 years, and assumes a zero offset sub-account balance. The actual interest amount you could save could differ and will depend on your home loan amount, loan term, Nano product and interest rate, and is subject to change. Terms & Conditions apply.