“I now plan to wean myself off my other accounts as Nano provides me with everything I need.”

3 minutes

We launched Nano to reshape financial services of the past with technology of the future, by delivering innovative lending products and solutions to help homeowners make the most of their money. Since launch, we’ve refinanced over $100 millions worth of home loans, helping people like Shaun, make the most of their home loan.

Meet Shaun

With cash rates at a record low of 0.1%, Shaun felt it was time to refinance his loan on the family home. His existing lender agreed to drop the rate by 20 basis points on his current rate of 2.8%. But Shaun felt he could do better. Scrolling through his social feed on Facebook, Shaun came across an advertisement from Nano promising a low rate and fast approval times. His interest piqued; Shaun entered Nano’s expression of interest as part of Nano’s ‘Priority Access campaign’

“It was incredible” with unconditional approval and loan contract signed in just over a day

Clocking off work at 4pm, Shaun checked his private email to find an invitation from Nano to be one of their first refinance customers. After entering his details that evening, by 6pm the following day, Shaun had signed and returned his home loan contracts.

Having already bought and sold seven properties, Shaun’s typical experience in home lending involved lots of paperwork, and weeks to wait for a loan approval. He described his experience with Nano as “incredible”, recalling the time when the mortgage process was complex and time consuming. “When I first bought this home, we were running around, trying to get all the documentation organised the day before we were going to fly to Bali.”

A better rate

A month after settlement, Nano advised Shaun that his rate was dropping by 20 basis points to 1.99% p.a. Shaun now saved another $250 just in the first couple of payments on the new rate. For Shaun having an offset sub-account from Nano was also important, a feature that a non-bank digital lender he had previously refinanced with was unable to offer. A superfast turnaround with Nano meant that he was able to move quickly from his existing lender, avoiding the yearly $350 fee that was up for renewal. At Nano there are no ongoing fees. “In the first month itself, I was better off by over $600. And the savings continued.”

Living a life through his loan

Shaun’s loan with Nano allows his him to live his life through his home loan and he describes it has a “great innovation”. Previously he had his salary paid into his bank account that he has had since he was 12 years old.

“I now have plans to wean myself from the need to have this account. I realise Nano provides me with everything I need.”

Shaun, VIC

Recognising that “old habits die hard,” Shaun has now finally got his pay to go straight into his Nano offset sub-account.

A keen investor, Shaun wants to ensure that he has the money available to invest should any investment opportunities emerge. Having the offset sub-account with Nano helps him have funds to redraw while offsetting the interest on his loan. For Shaun, it feels like his equity in the house is helping him grow his investment portfolio.

He also values the idea of a saving discipline that comes with the Nano offset sub-account.

“I went into the app and saw that there is a separate sub-folder called Vaults where I can put money aside for certain goals such as my next holiday to Vietnam – when it is allowed of course – whilst still using every cent to offset the interest I pay.” For Shaun, his Nano home loan gives him twin benefits of reducing the interest he pays on the loan and putting funds away for a purpose. “Now that is a great innovation. I have not seen that done anywhere else.”


  1. Variable rates are subject to change, but were correct as at 17 September 21.