Ian hopes he never has to refinance again, thanks to Nano’s same rate guarantee

2 minutes

Ian is a business consultant who lives in Brisbane with his family. He bought his home in 2018 and has refinanced several times since then. He hopes his latest deal with Nano will be his last.

“I’ve detached the mortgage from banking,” Ian explained. “I see it as a commodity that you can buy and change to suit yourself,” he said.

However, what has annoyed Ian in his previous refinancing’s is that he is the one who must go the lender whenever they have cut rates and ask for their latest advertised rate. He has also found that when doing so, he has often been confronted by excuses from his lenders as to why he couldn’t get access to that rate.

“If a provider is advertising a rate, I want that, right! If the Reserve Bank drops its rates, I want to know my rate has dropped too. Often you have to threaten to leave (a lender) before they will do anything.”

Ian also is strongly of the view that any rate advertised by a lender should be available to all. “Your (the lender’s) cost structure is not my problem. And the confidence I get of knowing I don’t have to ring up and chase a lower rate is great.

“When I rang Nano, it was just chalk and cheese compared to any other lender I’d spoken to. It just blew my mind.”

“Nano’s guarantee that I would always get the best rate is amazing. I should never have to refinance again’.

The process was refreshing

“The whole application was very easy and simple. Nano’s unique technology which verifies household income and expenditure details, so you don’t have to provide any paperwork, also made things amazingly simple.”

“I’ve probably got 10 different accounts. I put all these accounts into the Nano system and instantly they had everything they needed. It was amazing. Nano matched our actual spending levels in minutes to within $100 a month.”

Ian’s final view of the whole process: “With this kind of transparency, service and value, I would buy anything from you guys if I could. The technology is great, everything is done very quickly and smoothly. I’m also confident I have the best rate and the customer service really set Nano apart.”