Tech tools to help you save smarter in 2022

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In the age of online shopping and same-day delivery, saving money is more challenging than ever. With an abundance of apps and tools on the Australian market claiming to be a shortcut to better finances, it can be challenging to know what’s what. Keeping your finances simple is part of our philosophy, so here is our view on the best tools you need this year.

How Nano can help

Whether you’ve got big retirement plans or are just trying to pay off your home loan faster, at Nano we’re committed to helping you make smart money moves, providing you with the right features and a competitive interest rate with no hidden fees (1), to help you own your home faster. Here are all the ways that Nano can help you get on track in 2022.

Nano refinance calculator

Looking to boost your savings but not sure if it’s worth the effort of refinancing your home loan? Our home loan refinance calculator does all the hard work for you. See exactly how much you stand to save over the life of your loan and on monthly repayments by making the switch to Nano.

There’s a good chance Nano’s competitive rates can help you shave years off your loan, leaving you time to focus on the things that matter!

Free offset sub-account

While a fair comparison rate is a good way to start saving money on home loan repayments, it’s not the only way to streamline your finances. You can reduce your repayments by consolidating your money into an offset sub-account.

It’s just a smart money move — you pay interest on your principal, so by reducing your principal, you’re paying less interest. With the money you save on interest, you’re closer to reaching your financial goals, like being free of your loan or owning your home sooner. Nano’s offset sub-account is completely free, and you can make additional repayments, at no extra cost.

Nano app

Want a centralised overview of your finances and the ability to better manage your finances in one easily accessible place?

With the Nano app, you can directly access your home loan, make payments or withdraw funds on the go with your Nano Visa debit card, BPAY, as well as Apple and Google Pay, so there is no need to have any other accounts. With visualised data and real-time spending notifications, you’ll also gain a better understanding of your spending habits, so you can adjust to meet your financial goals.

Tuck money away into ‘Vaults’

With so much temptation at our fingertips, it can be tricky to save money. Rather than using your phone to make online purchases, use the Vaults feature in the app to organise your money into specific goals, all while offsetting against your loan, as any money in your Vaults, will also work to reduce the principal owed on your home loan, and bring down the interest you pay.

If you’re one of the 2,000,000 followers of The Barefoot Investor, you’ll be pleased that compartmentalising your earnings is made easy with Vaults. There’s no need to set up your buckets across multiple banks — creating Vaults is as simple as logging in to the Nano app and following easy prompts. You can create up to 10 vaults in the Nano app.

Other apps to help you make smart money moves

While the Nano app is excellent for managing your home loan and personal finances, there are plenty of other new apps that can help you make smarter financial decisions. Let’s look at some of our top picks.

1. Superhero app for online investing

Superhero is a share trading app that gives you the power to trade more than 2,500 ASX-listed products in low values. Invest on any ASX-listed stock and US stocks listed on the NASDAQ and NYSE.

Superhero is a secure share trading platform making it easy for first-time investors and seasoned traders to participate in the share market. Introduced in late 2020, Superhero charges zero brokerage to buy ETFs with an affordable flat $5 brokerage fee. While other platforms require a minimum investment of $500, Superhero allows you to start investing with as little as $100.

Key features of Superhero:

  • No monthly account fees
  • Real-time deposits and FX transfers
  • Start investing with just $100

2. Shopback app for cashback deals

It may sound counterintuitive, but the Shopback app accepts spending as a part of your savings strategy. Online shoppers can save money through cashback deals from more than 500 websites. From online groceries from Woolworths to gym gear from The Iconic, Shopback gives you access to the latest coupon codes and cashback deals on offer. Use the app when browsing your phone or website on your computer.

Key features of ShopBack:

  • Receive cashback with minimal effort
  • Partnerships 500+ online stores
  • Cashback within 48-hours

3. Splitwise app for splitting bills

Whether you’re travelling in a group or meeting for regular dinners with friends, Splitwise makes it easy and tension-free to split bills. With just a mobile number or email address, you can add people to a group and nominate those who owe a share of a bill. While the app notifies group members of what they owe, it does not have a direct payment facility, which may suit those hesitant to share financial information across multiple apps.

Key features of Splitwise:

  • Customise groups for any splitting situation
  • Add expenses or debts in any currency
  • Record payment on-app

4. WiseList app for comparing deals

Why spend more on groceries than you have to? This Australian app compares the price of items at Woolworths and Coles. Create a grocery list and see a comprehensive price comparison to understand better where you might save on your next grocery shop. Users can also opt-in for notifications when items are special at either major supermarket.

Key features of WiseList:

  • Grocery price comparison feature
  • Receive notifications when groceries are on special
  • See recipes and compare prices for ingredients across Woolworths and Coles

Save money your way

Money management is a highly personal process, so don’t be surprised if your budgeting and spending habits differ from your neighbours’. If you’ve done your research and decide to refinance with a tech-first online lender like Nano, you’ll be able to apply online and get approval in minutes rather than weeks. We believe in simple, fast and fair home loans without gimmicks or fees.

Make a smart money move — refinance with Nano today.


  1. While Nano does not charge any fees, government charges still apply.