Zero interest for the life of the loan

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The second lucky winner of our ‘Win your home loan interest free’ competition, Samuel Tucker, can’t believe his good fortune. 

It’s important to remember to always think positive, because life really can ‘turn on a dime’ – in some pretty spectacular ways. Just ask Newcastle-based Samuel Tucker, who already thought he was the luckiest man in the world, having recently welcomed his first child, Kai. Sam and his partner were driving their newborn from the hospital, when he got a life-changing phone call from Nano to tell him he’d won his home loan interest free. 

“I got shivers down my arm!” recalls the electrical engineer. “I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never won anything before.” 

A home loan paid off much sooner than expected 

Sam is set to save a massive $144,979 in interest savings over the course of his loan. And all he had to do was refinance with Nano. Now, he’ll never have to pay a cent of interest on his investment property in Tasmania. And he’ll get to own his home faster than he could ever have anticipated.  

Sam has his own father to thank for putting him onto Nano in the first place. 

“He’s pretty savvy with these sort of things, as he’s owned multiple properties,” Sam tells us. “He does his research. He said that you guys were one of the best. You had some of the best rates and you won some really nice awards recently.” 

Like his dad, Sam likes to be financially astute. He has always looked for ways he could save and minimise costs (“That’s my main driver”), typically refinancing every three years to make sure he was on the best rate.  

Still, like many, he found the refinancing process to be pretty onerous at times. However, “Nano made the process easier than ever,” said Sam.  

“The application was so easy,” he says. “Once I got to conditional approval so quickly, there was no point turning back. Applying with Nano was so easy – I initially thought this had to be too good to be true. But I was pleasantly surprised.” 

Before even winning the competition, the evidence was already there that Sam had come out ahead. The estimated saving when he refinanced from his previous lender to Nano was estimated at $50,312 over the life of his loan. 

Trust in Nano’s innovation paid off  

While Sam was initially not familiar with the technology that allows Nano to verify customers income and expenses quickly and accurately online, he now sees the value, as it saved him hours of time rummaging through old paperwork, looking for old bank statements or payslips. Nano’s technology allows you to easily capture this information online, with a onetime screen capture of your banking information. 

“At the point that you asked me for my banking information to assess my income and expenses, I did stop because this is new technology – but I decided you were trustworthy and gave it a go. I don’t regret it!” he was reassured by the stringent safety processes Nano has in place – including 256-bit data encryption, limited access to personal customer information and ‘One time use only’ technology meaning his banking username and password would never actually be seen. 

Sam insists the money he’s saving will go straight back into the home loan, to try and pay it off earlier. He’s already focusing on saving up for Kai’s school fees. And in his own way, he’s paying it forward: his partner is an animal lover who adopted a disabled dog, and together they plan to channel some of their extra cash into related charities. Perhaps one day, they might even work toward establishing their own animal shelter.  

“It couldn’t have come at a better time,” says a jubilant Sam. “It was amazing.” 

You too could make a smart money move.  

Refinance with Nano today.