Nano takes aim at Australian mortgage industry with the INACTION FIGURE

2 minutes

Nano solves the complexities of the traditional home lending process with a digital experience that is simple, fast and fair.

The traditional home loan process is slow, confusing and painful. For too long, Australian’s have had to put up with inaction and this is why we created Nano. To highlight the mortgage industry’s notorious lack of innovation, speed and transparency, we created the INACTION FIGURE.

Research has revealed that 79% of Australians have had a negative experience with the traditional home loan process, and customers feel that the process is slow (55%), confusing (72%) and riddled with hidden fees (55%). We decided that enough is enough.

It’s time for the outdated approach and the “all talk, no action” attitude of traditional lenders to come to an end.

Nano uses digital, data and design to create a borrowing experience that puts homeowners back in control. With approvals in minutes, not weeks, interest rates from 1.99% p.a (for owner occupied, principal and interest) and no Nano fees, Nano takes down traditional lenders and their inaction by finally introducing Australians to a home loan experience that is simple, fast and fair. See our rates here.

If you’re frustrated with the traditional lending process, it’s time take control of your finances and make a smart money move. Refinance with Nano digital home loans today.

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Source: PureProfile Research, March 2021 based on a sample size of 1000 people aged 18+

  1. Variable rates are subject to change, but were correct as at 13 July 21.