Privacy & security

Nano uses a digital provider to complete the identification process when you apply for a home loan. This is not a 100-point test, it’s Verification of Identity. You will need to have your driver’s licence and passport with you when you complete this process. Using your mobile phone, you will need to agree to provide access to the camera on your phone to take a:

  1. Photo of the front and back of your driver’s licence
  2. Photo of your passport
  3. A selfie (don’t forget to smile!)

The whole process to verify your identity is completed within just 2 minutes!

We take data security and the protection of personal information extremely seriously. We have processes and systems in place to protect your personal information, including:

  • 256-bit data encryption, the same level as banks, used across all sensitive information where required
  • System controls that ensure personal customer information access is strictly limited to staff requiring it for their daily activities
  • Privacy and cyber security training for all staff.

We also comply with and take our legal and regulatory obligations, including the Privacy Act and the Credit Reporting Code, very seriously. You can find more information regarding the collection, storage and use of your personal information in the Nano Privacy Statement & Policy.

As a financial technology company, we aim to use data at every opportunity to deliver a better experience for you. To assess your loan application, we need to complete a digital review of your banking and loan data.

The process we use to do this is proven, safe and secure. We take data security and the protection of sensitive information extremely seriously. You can learn more about our approach in this step-by-step video on how we verify your financials.

Our protocols in place:

  • One-time use only: we never see or store your banking username or password
  • Read-only data: your transaction history and account details are read-only – it’s impossible for us to transfer or transact with any of your accounts
  • Maximum security: we use 256-bit encryption with all information (the same as big banks)
  • Secure storage: all data is securely stored, and we only use it in accordance with our Privacy Statement & Policy.

In fact, the information that we digitally assess is similar to what you would supply if you were to manually provide your bank statements to us. We just take the hassle out of the process for you.

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