Nano’s fast approvals saved Francois from missing out on his dream home

3 minutes

Francois Guilbert, a Brisbane-based General Manager in IT, had been living in the same house with his wife and children for almost 20 years when ‘working from home’ became too much, and they needed more space.

Before even starting to look for a new house, Francois checked with his financial institution of 25 years what they would be willing to lend him. He was pre-approved by the lender, provided he used the equity from the sale of his current home to fund the next.

“We spoke to our lender, and they made it sound easy, like it was going to be no problem. That’s why when things took a turn and didn’t go as planned, it was a total shock.’

Francois and his family found their dream house and immediately made an offer, which was accepted with one key provision; the seller wanted to settle in 21 days.

Believing he already had ‘approval’ from his lender, Francois said “no problem”, but that’s when the stress truly began. After a phone call with his lender, Francois learnt that approving his loan in 21 days would be out of the question. The quickest they could process his loan application was 46 business days – nearly two and half months later.

“We’ve never really had a problem with our financial institution before. They had been good to us over the years, so it was just a total shock when this happened,” Francois said.

Speed is of the essence

In a frantic search for a lender who could approve him fast, Francois called every other major bank he could think of, but no one he spoke to would commit to an approval in time for settlement.

He was often put on hold for 45 minutes or more, only to hear “no” from the lenders he spoke to. At this point Francois felt incredibly stressed, as his future dream home was on the line.

Francois and his wife turned to Google to see what else they could find. That’s when they found Nano.

“I started doing some research, reading the reviews left by other Nano customers, and found nothing but five-star ratings. We decided to call and were instantly impressed because we got through in maybe a minute,” Francois said.

“We explained the situation to which Nano responded, ‘21 days, no problem’, and they talked us through the online application on the phone.”

“By the end of a call (which lasted less than 45 minutes) we had finished the application. We were so impressed that everything seemed to go so quickly, and we didn’t have to provide bank statements or pay slips like other financial institutions we had dealt with in the past.”

“The entire process went very quickly and smoothly. We just dumped everything in Nano’s lap saying, ‘Hey, we’ve only got 21 days (which included two public holidays as well) and we got it done. It was great!”

The way forward

Francois was so impressed with the simplicity and the speed of his experience that he has already recommend the service to a friend who was refinancing his home loan.

Francois was also impressed by Nano’s ongoing customer service. “Every time I needed to speak to Nano, my number was instantly recognised by their automated system. It says your name and puts you through to the person you need to talk to. In almost every case, it put me through to the last person I was speaking to, which was pretty impressive.”

Now Francois and his family have happily settled in their new home, and he is still astounded by how simple and stress-free Nano made buying his home.

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