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Calculate your estimated home loan borrowing power by completing your income and expenses.
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* This amount is a hypothetical maximum loan amount. We have assumed you would use most of your disposable income to fund this loan. Nano also offers Interest Only payments as an available option.


  • The calculator should be used as a guide only and doesn’t take into consideration your personal situation or objectives. It is aimed to reflect Nano’s credit policy as closely as possible, however does not constitute an offer of credit or quote. Your actual borrowing power takes into consideration a range of factors and could change over time.
  • Please refer to our homepage for Nano’s interest rates. Applications for a home loan are subject to credit criteria and eligibility requirements.
  • After-tax is estimated for the current fiscal year only.
  • For the purposes of estimating taxable income, we make assumptions that all applicants are Australian residents for tax purposes, and are claiming the tax free threshold.
  • We do not include low income rebates or offsets in our estimations, and we recommend you speak to your tax accountant for specific advice on tax calculations.
  • The Medicare rebate is not included in tax calculations.